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Optimize HR operations, streamline HR services and grow talents with a flexible modular solution

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Neon HRM Modules

Neon HRM provides a range of modules on a unified digital platform, enabling companies to connect, engage, develop, and inspire employees throughout the employee lifecycle.

Centralized access to HR services and up-to-date information on the company life

  • Organizational structure

  • Employee and Manager pages

  • Newsfeed, news digests, groups and communities

  • Digital requests and applications

  • Event calendar

  • Interactive office maps

  • Surveys and tests

  • Benefits and discounts

  • Marketplace and virtual currency

  • Internal vacancies


Smooth transition from a new hire to a productive coworker

  • Generation of form and check-list templates

  • Automated assignment of onboarding plans based on flexible criteria

  • Courses, activity tasks and mandatory trainings

  • Personalized content and buddy assignment

  • Task tracking and export of reports

  • Can be used in tandem with a learning management system

  • Support for offboarding


A complete view on goals from the top-level down to every employee

  • Goal setting and evaluation

  • Multiple options to route forms and set stages

  • Variety of review periods: on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis

  • Easy-to-read dashboards for managers

  • Flexible role-based access control


Employee performance appraisal from all angles

  • Creation of a skills profile aligned with job role requirements

  • Collection and analysis of self-evaluation and feedback from supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates

  • Recommendations on career development


Building an action plan for career advancement

  • Analysis of skills and competencies required for a job role profile

  • Creation of a personal development plan to be shared with a learning management system


Corporate learning for current and future opportunities

  • Creation of courses and development programs

  • Self-assigned curricular

  • Assignment of courses from the catalog in accordance with the development plan

  • Progress tracking and certificates


Partner of choice for companies across industries

IT, telecom, transport, finance, real estate development and others

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HR technology you need

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    Reshaping the employee experience

    · Automation of key HR processes throughout the employee journey

    · Fast access to HR services for all employees
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    Comprehensive suite of modules for your HR initiatives

    Flexibility to choose and add modules to adapt to changing needs
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    No-code and low-code to simplify and future-proof HR operations

    · Configurable workflows without the need for coding

    · Convenient builders of pages and forms
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    Consistency and accessibility of HR data

    · Seamless integration with accounting and ERP systems

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    Modern, intuitive interface in your corporate style

    · Context-aware adaptive UI

    · Support for the company brand design with light or dark color schemes

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    Solid tech stack for desired business outcomes

    Developed by a vendor leveraging 30 years of expertise in high-tech solutions

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